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Tathshri Lifestyle LLP positions itself as a premier event management company, dedicated to creating impactful platforms through meticulously curated marathon events. The company’s vision revolves around fostering unity among individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing a space to build enduring connections and celebrate the beauty of physical activity. Recognizing the significance of personal achievements, Tathshri Lifestyle goes the extra mile to ensure its events are not only well-organized but also infused with excitement, fun, and a vibrant community spirit. With a focus on careful planning and execution, Tathshri Lifestyle proves invaluable in delivering successful and memorable marathon experiences for both individuals and organizations.

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Organizing a marathon involves careful planning and coordination to ensure a successful and safe event.
Here’s a breakdown of key considerations for marathon event management:


Obtain all necessary permits and approvals from local authorities, traffic management agencies, and relevant stakeholders.
Design a well-marked and safe course, considering factors such as elevation, traffic control, and medical support.
Choose a suitable date and time, considering weather conditions, local events, and participant convenience.

Registration & Participant Management

Implement a user-friendly online registration system for participants.
Organize the distribution of race packets containing bibs, timing chips, and relevant event information.

Logistics and

Ensure a well-marked and organized start and finish line with appropriate timing systems.

Plan strategically located water and aid stations along the course.
Coordinate with medical professionals and provide first aid stations throughout the course.

Marketing and

Develop a marketing strategy to promote the marathon, utilizing social media, websites, and local media.
Seek sponsors to support the event financially and in-kind.

Execution and

Recruit and train volunteers for various roles such as course marshals, aid station attendants, and registration assistants.
Coordinate with local law enforcement for traffic control and overall event security.
Establish a communication plan for organizers, volunteers, and emergency services.


Compile and publish race results, and organize an awards ceremony.
Gather feedback from participants to evaluate the event and identify areas for improvement.
Ensure the removal of event infrastructure and cleanup of the venue.



Republic Day Run
26th Jan 2024

The Republic Day Run, orchestrated by Mira Bhayander Road Runners, has been a cherished annual event for the past five years. Spearheaded by the dedicated Race Director, Nitin Mahajan, this event stands out for its inclusivity, offering a completely free experience for every enthusiastic runner. MBRR Core Members assumes full responsibility for the seamless execution of the run, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for participants. Over the years, this event has become a symbol of community spirit and fitness, embodying the values of unity and celebration on India’s Republic Day.

 Join us for a run that transcends boundaries and promotes a healthy, collective lifestyle!


Run For Vivekananda Mumbai Sustainability Run

On occasion of 161st Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, National Youth Day .
“A brave, frank, clean-hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which the future nation can be built”- Swami Vivekananda

A special run organised by Vivekananda Youth Connect Foundation for spreading the message of Mumbai’s Sustainability.

The WORLD today needs all-out efforts to make it SUSTAINABLE for Generations to come. For the same, we all have to take collective actions – from Awareness to Action to Achieving SUSTAINABLE Growth.



Ganga Sustainability Run

Ganga Sustainability Run is our first such initiative for making people understand the rich and diverse ecosystem of GANGA and help spread the word on the need for GANGA’s sustainability for generations to come. Ganga Sustainability Run will let people experience what GANGA offers us. It is a Run that will traverse GANGA’s banks, the jungle surrounding it, and the Himalayan Mountain around. You will feel the flow in your mind and body by running alongside GANGA and experience euphoria at the end of the run. It will be akin to a holy dip in GANGA





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