Our philosophy.

Tathshri Lifestyle LLP, an event management company operating since 2018, began as a proprietary firm and has evolved into a formidable entity with the support of its dedicated team. Over the years, we have successfully orchestrated a multitude of events, ranging from small-scale gatherings to large-scale productions. Notably, every event has been executed flawlessly, without casualties or any loopholes in management. Our team remains unwavering in its commitment to excellence, always prepared to embrace challenges head-on. With your support, we continue to grow and thrive in the dynamic landscape of event management.

The Name of Trust

Tathshri Lifestyle LLP has evolved into a beacon of inspiration for individuals dedicated to maximizing their time and achieving their goals. It serves as a compelling example for those seeking to emulate hard work, motivating them to prioritize fitness and well-being. The company’s commitment to its slogan, “the name of trust,” reflects its dedication to reliability and excellence. Tathshri Lifestyle LLP not only manages events but also actively promotes a culture of hard work and fitness. Through its journey, the company has become a trusted guide, encouraging others to follow a path of diligence and inspiring a community committed to health and success.

The Team

The Tathshri Lifestyle team is a diverse blend of individuals, each contributing unique expertise to the company. Dev and Hriya excel in Event Management, ensuring seamless execution. Pratibha serves as the dedicated Fitness Coach, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Vishal brings creativity to the team, adding an innovative touch. Hitesh specializes in merchandise, enhancing our offerings. Supported by a large team, we tackle everything from office tasks to on-site logistics with efficiency. What sets us apart is our collective passion for our work, driving our commitment to delivering exceptional services. Together, we form a dynamic team dedicated to the success of Tathshri Lifestyle LLP.

How can we help you organise a successful event?

Organizing a successful marathon requires meticulous planning and execution, and at Tathshri Lifestyle LLP, we specialize in providing A-Z event planning services tailored specifically for marathons. From the initial stages of route selection, participant registration, and logistics planning to the final moments of the race, we handle every aspect of the marathon event. Our experienced team, comprising dedicated event planners, suppliers, and logistics experts, ensures that all details are carefully considered to create a seamless and memorable marathon experience. Entrust us with the intricacies of coordinating water stations, medical aid points, participant services, and safety measures, allowing you to relax and focus on other aspects of your event. We understand the unique requirements of marathon events and bring creativity, precision, and passion to ensure its success. By choosing Tathshri Lifestyle LLP for your marathon event, you gain a reliable partner dedicated to making the event not only well-organized but also an inspiring and enjoyable experience for participants and spectators alike. Leave the logistics to us, and together, let’s create a marathon event that stands out and makes a lasting impact.
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